Jalyn Ely is a social media marketing consultant specializing in helping small businesses and companies new to social media get their online presence off the ground and get the most bang for their marketing buck. She has been working in social media marketing since 2011, and since then has worked both as a consultant and as an employee in the marketing department of other companies.

Her first book, Social Media for Real Estate Agents: The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Social Media Marketing, will release in February 2018.

Jalyn’s Story

Jalyn first became interested in the potential of internet marketing in 2010. She and a few friends were preparing to start a business, and her research into marketing led her to the potential of social media for marketing purposes. She was hooked. When their business launched in June of 2011, Jalyn was the chief marketing manager and in charge of the company’s entire online presence.

After leaving that business, Jalyn entered the corporate world, doing social media marketing in the marketing department of various established companies. She also established her own hobby blog and began learning the ins and outs of blogging and website design and maintenance. She took on a few consulting clients during that time, but consulting was not her main focus.

In 2017, Jalyn realized that she preferred working with individual clients to working for a single company, and began to focus more on her consulting, meeting with clients one-on-one and with small business’s marketing departments to discern their individual needs and put together strategies that would most benefit them.

She would be happy to help you or your business, too! Visit this page to view her services, or visit this page to contact her and discuss working together to market your business.